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Sony VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9 Laptop Battery Driver instructions

Question :"When I inserted the sony vgp-bps9 battery, the yellow battery light came on and continuously blinks. When I pulled up the battery information, it said that the battery was 52% charged, but not charging.

Then within one minute of turning on the computer, a box opened up saying:

The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer.".

Click "ok" to enter Hibernate mode, and remove and reinsert the battery.

See the electronic VAIO(R) User Guide for more information about using the sony vgp-bps9/b battery.

Sony VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9 Laptop Battery Driver instructions

What is a Driver?

A driver is a piece of software that allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware devices in your system. Devices such as video cards, sound cards, and modems all require drivers to function correctly.

How To Install A Driver

1. Shut down your laptop and then remove the vgp-bps9 s sony battery.

2. Use your adapter to turn on the laptop.

3. Insert the CD-Rom into your laptop, go to step 7, if your laptop have setup Autorun function.

4. Double click “my laptop”, then go to step 5, if your laptop didn’t setup Autorun function.

5. Double click CD device.

6. Double click “*.exe” file to run the driver.

7, Click “agree”, then click “run”.

8, The laptop will reboot automatically till it turn off automatically.

9. Plug in replacement Sony VGN-CR590 battery then Restart your laptop, your battery will now work with your laptop.


1, Don’t turn off laptop while installing

2, Laptop will turn off automatically after updating is complete.

In addition:

1.When the laptop batteries vgp-bps9/s was 0% charged, recommend turn off you laptop, please charge your sony vgp-bpl9 battery 10 minutes then turn on your laptop.

2.Discharge to 10%, please charge the battery.

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